B&R Construction Services has more than 20 years of commercial, retail, industrial and governmental construction commissioning and retro-commissioning experience.

Commissioning is the process of verifying and documenting that a building’s sub-systems are designed and installed per the owner’s project requirements and in accordance with the architectural and engineering specifications. In addition to mechanical, electrical and plumbing, building systems but may also include telecommunications, security, fire alarm systems, structural systems and building envelopes.

B&R utilizes a step-by-step Cx approach and plan that begins during the project design phases and continues through post-construction. Cx can also be an important component of achieving LEED points and status. Cx services provide a quality-based process with documented confirmation that building systems are planned, installed, tested and operated in compliance with industry standards and defined objectives.

As a client’s commissioning agent, B&R can provide inventive design solutions during the engineering phase and identify and solve performance-related issues during construction.

Services include:

  • Developing and implementing a commissioning plan
  • Developing and incorporating commissioning requirements into construction documents
  • Verifying installation and performance of systems
  • Performance testing per manufacturer recommendations and applicable codes and standards
  • Issuing corrective actions and punch lists and verifying contractor completion of corrective actions
  • Issuing commissioning reports
  • Provide comparison of energy savings from audit to actual consumption for a one-year period

For more information regarding our  Commissioning services or to request a proposal, please contact Tom Federline, Commissioning and Field Services Manager, at or 410.761.9600.